Learn about 3 types of plastic PE, PP, PVC


SHINSUNG K METAL provide full information for customers who understand each type of PE, PP, PVC plastic as follows:

1. PE (polyethylene) PLASTIC


  • Transparent, slightly translucent, with a smooth, glossy surface.
  • Good resistance to water and vapor.
  • Waterproof to oxygen, CO2, N2.
  • Withstand high temperatures (below 230 0C) in a short time.
  • Being swollen and damaged when in contact with aromatic essential oils or substances such as Alcool, Acetone,….
  • It can allow gas and fragrance to penetrate, so PE can absorb odors in the packaging itself, and the same odor can be absorbed by the food contained, causing loss of sensory value of the product. Products.
  • Making bags of all kinds,
  • Making all kinds of plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic cans, plastic buttons, plastic jars, plastic buckets …
  • Agricultural pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pesticide plastic bottles, plant protection plastic bottles, common plastic bottles,plastic bottle blowing products

2. PP (polypropylene)


  • High mechanical strength (tear strength and german tensile strength), quite hard, not as flexible as PE, not stretched, so it is made into yarn. Especially quite heavy it is easily torn when there is a cut or a small puncture.
  • Transparent high surface gloss for high printability and streak.
  • Withstand higher temperatures than 1000 0C, however, the sealing (body) of pp packaging (140 0c) – High compared to PE – can cause fire like damage to the external structural film, so often use pp. as the innermost layer.
  • Resistant to oxygen, water vapor, grease and other gases.


  • Used as a single-layer plastic packaging for food preservation, without strict antioxidant requirements.
  • Create fibers, weave into food packaging, cups.
  • Used as plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic cans …
  • Pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pesticide plastic bottles, plant protection plastic bottles …
  • Used as a bottle cap, pp bottle cap, plastic bottle cap, mineral water cap, medicine cap …


PVC products previously (1920) onwards were used in very large numbers, but now surpassed by PE. Currently, PVC is mainly used to cover electrical cables, make drainage pipes, raincoats, and plastic films for household use.
PVC contains vinylchoride, commonly known as VCM, has the ability to cause cancer (discovered 1970)


PVC packaging has the following disadvantages:
  • Density: 1.4g / cm2 is higher than PE and PP, so it takes a large amount of pVC to get a film area of the same thickness compared to PP or PE.
  • More waterproof, less water than PE, PP resins
  • Brittle, not as flexible as PE, PP, to make flexible PVC used for packaging, it is necessary to add additives.
  • The PVC that has been plasticized by the additive will be denatured and brittle after a period of time.
  • Although the VCM residue has been controlled less than 1ppm, which is a safe level, but in Europe, PVC is still not used for food packaging despite its cheaper price than many other plastics.


  • Use as a shrink film label for bottles, plastic bottles or shrink films for short-circulating foods such as raw meats, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • In addition, PVC is used to make many household items like products of other industries.
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