ABS (Conductive/Uninterruptible)

It has good impact resistance even at low temperatures and is a sturdy and strong material. It has good electrical insulation and is relatively unaffected by changes in humidity. Available in translucent or opaque coloring, the molding of this product has a high degree of gloss. This material, which is resistant to surface friction scratches and surface damage and does not deteriorate, has good weather resistance.

Features (ABS)

  1. It is opaque and indeterminate.
  2. It is rigid and its mechanical properties are balanced.
  3. Heat resistance is not high, but processability is good.
  4. It has good electrical properties and surface gloss.
  5. The molding capacity is relatively small and the creep resistance is good.
  6. Strength decreases when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
  7. It is soluble in solvents but resistant to acids and alkalis.
  8. When burned, it produces charcoal and emits a peculiar smell.
  9. There are glass fillers and foam materials.
  10. Welding and fusion are possible.