It is a material with the best physical properties among the PA series currently produced. By gradually molding it with a combination of special raw materials that are not produced domestically, the tensile strength and elongation of the product have been improved by about twice that of TP-LUBE 610. In addition, due to its excellent wear resistance and mechanical properties, it provides the best performance in fields that require high loads such as bridges and automobiles, and is an excellent product that is also applied to wear plates, bushings, gears, and bridge supports.

Features (C-LUBE)

Improved self-lubrication compared to N-LUBE
Load deformation temperature over 210℃
Mechanical strength: Excellent wear resistance and durability compared to TP-LUBE 610, tensile and elongation more than doubled
Special LUBE ingredient provides excellent self-lubrication and improves tensile and elongation
Chemical resistance: Resistant to alkali, applicable to weak acids


Widely applied to wear plates, guide bushings, chain guides, gears, sprockets, rollers, heavy equipment parts, steel company machine parts, semiconductors, food, petrochemicals, etc.