PP (polypropylene)

Although its density is very low at 0.9~0.94, its mechanical strength and hardness are superior to those of HDPE in terms of electrical insulation and chemical resistance.

Features (PP)

  1. It is impact resistant at room temperature, but weak at low temperatures below -5℃, so a grade with high impact resistance is required.
  2. The specific gravity is low at less than 0.9, it is transparent, and the crystallinity is 95%.
  3. It is used as a rigid molding material.
  4. It has heat resistance and excellent wear resistance.
  5. Excellent light weight, electrical insulation, and machinability
  6. When burning, it emits a petroleum smell and has poor adhesion and printability.
  7. They age slowly due to sunlight and heat.
  8. It is inexpensive and has superior hardness than HDPE.
  9. Welding and fusion possible
  10. It has excellent electrical properties and excellent water and chemical resistance.


Chemical tank linings, gears, faller guides
Various ducts, storage tanks
Scaffolding and cutting board