What is PE (Polyethylene) plastic sheet? Characteristics and applications


PE sheet plastic is a type of polyethylene plastic with a simple molecular structure. It is produced from the monomer ethylene and is highly flexible. There are two main forms of PE sheet plastic: PEHD (Polyethylene High Density) and PELD (Polyethylene Low Density), with different properties and applications.

Characteristics and benefits of PE plastic sheet

– Chemical resistance: PE plastic sheets are resistant to the effects of most chemicals, including acids, bases, solvents and corrosive chemicals. This makes it suitable for use in chemical tanks, pipes and similar applications.

– Mechanical strength: PE plastic sheet has high mechanical strength, can withstand strong loads and impacts without deformation. This makes it suitable for use in applications where strength and stiffness are required.

– Heat resistance and weather resistance: PE plastic sheet has the ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh weather without deforming or decomposing. This makes it suitable for use in outdoor applications or in environments subject to weather changes.


– Thickness: 1mm – 100mm

– Width: 1000mm – 2000mm

– Color: Transparent, white, gray, black or customized according to customer requirements.


PE plastic sheets have diverse applications in many industrial fields, including:

– Construction industry: Partitions, internal and external protection of buildings, water pipes, environmental protection.

– Chemical industry: Chemical storage tanks, chemical pipes, anti-corrosion isolation materials.

– Agricultural industry: Water tanks, irrigation systems, water pipes.

– Food and beverage industry: Storage tanks, water treatment systems, safe materials in contact with food.

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